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Church of South India - Luxettipet

ప్రియమైన దేవుని సంఘమా ప్రభువైన యేసు క్రీస్తు పరిశుద్ద నామమున మీకందరికీ లక్షెట్టిపేట మహాదేవలయపు సంఘ పక్షముగా శుభములు తెలియజేయుచున్నాము. దేవుడు మిమ్ములను, మీయొక్క పరిచర్యను ఆశీర్వదించి కాపాడును గాక!!!

Rev. V. Samuel.
 Presbyter-in-Charge, Luxettipet Pastorate

Luxettipet Church
Overview of Medak Diocese

Medak diocese is one of the biggest and mostly rural oriented dioceses in C.S.I., comprising of 1100 congregations in 71 pastorates and spread over five revenue districts of Telangana State viz. Adilabad, Medak, Nizamabad, Rangareddy and Hyderabad/ Secunderabad.

The eighth bishop in Medak Diocese: The Most Rt.Rev.Dr.A.C.Solomon thandri garu

About Luxettipet Church
Luxettipet pastorate has an historical church affiliated with Church of South India (C.S.I), Medak Diocese. Built in classic architecture, by a member of british royal family adorns to itself a great history.
The church then a place of worship, and now serving about 400 families, covering more than 20 localities and 10 villages in Luxettipet mandal.
This Church has the highest tower. The length and width of the Church is approx.100 ft and 50 ft. The pillars used for construction of the Church brought from Maharashtra. The main entrance of the Church is faced to the South Direction, the lower and upper windows covered with beautiful colour coated glass windows to have brighter lighting in day time. The dome at alter and pulpit are designed well to preach conveniently. The roof of the church is insulated with composition board material to avoid echo and noise

The Church has a wider seating space with an inner natural lighting. Church premises are fully surrounded by teak plantations and a beautiful garden.

Hill Top Sunrise Service (Easter Worship): Church congregation has an historical place of worship to celebrate Easter Sunday as the day of Jesus Christ's resurrection. "Siluva Gutta (సిలువ గుట్ట)" is at distance of 500 meters from Church compound area. On Easter Sunday, Women worships and lights the candles at the Cross in-front of the Church (4:00 AM). Then, all congregation moves and climb the hill to worship and celebrate the Easter early in morning. (5-7 AM)

An hourly scripture reading clock is reminding the word of God at an hourly interval preceded by Church Bells.

SJ Prashanth Kumar
Church front view  (South Direction)
                                                                -Photo by Mr SJ Prashanth Kumar - (Jan 2014)
History: CSI Church - Luxettipet is a historical Church in Telangana State. During the year 1920 Rev. C.G. Harley got into Luxettipet village as Missionary to help the poor and to serve the Word of God. He served here for 17 years during the years 1920-29, 1935-38, 1951-53. In 1930-32, Rev. E.W. Launt served as a missionary for 3 years. Rev.E.W. Launt was pioneered and dedicated the Church in the year 1932, and had gone back to England as he was suffered from Sunstroke.  Later, in 1935, Rev. H.Burd has completed the rest of the work and re-dedicated the Church by Rev.C.W. Posnett.
They established a Hospital, Hostel, School for serving to the rural people. The Church Compound area surrounded about 69 acres of Land including Christian Cemetery.

"God Bless You All"

Reaching luxettipet....
You'll find a good black topped [BT] Road which leads you till Mission Compound from the Bus Station of Luxettipet town,
Luxettipet Church is situated at 1 km from Luxettipet town which is at a distance of 23kms from Mancherial district head quarter and 65 Kms from Karimnagar district head quarter. Luxettipet is well connected by road (National Highway-63) and there are frequent buses from Karimnagar and Mancherial. Trains available from Mancherial town

Pastorate Congregations:
This Church is serving 'Word of God' more than 10 village congregations. The Pastoral Committee members and the local leaders are engaged in Church Ministry.


Bishop - Medak Diocese: The Most Rt.Rev. Dr. A.C Solomon thandri garu
GDCC Chairman Rev. G. Prem Kumar, B.A.,B.D
Presbyter-in-charge Rev. V. Samuel, B.A, B.D
Presbyter.- Rev. S. Jaya Paul

SUNDAY : 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Daily Cottage Prayer Meetings : Monday to Saturday @ 5:30 PM

Services & Events
Telugu service every Sunday [Holy Comm. 1st & 3rd Sun] - 9:15 A.M
Sunday School Every Sunday [in CSI Rydal School Hall] - 9:00 A.M
Youth Fellowship every Friday [in Church] - 6:00 P.M
Women’s Fellowship every Wednesday - 12:15 P.M
Fasting prayer [Every Friday] - F-11:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M
40 days Lenten and cottage prayer meeting - 7:15 P.M
Holy Week Service at church - 6:30 P.M
Good Friday Service - 11:00 A.M
Easter Hill top Sunrise Service - 4:00 A.M
19-23rd December - Christmas Carols - 7:30 PM till 5:00 AM.
24th December - Christmas Eve - 6:30 P.M
25th December - Christmas service [Service & Holy Comm]– 9:30 A.M
31st December - Old year service [Holy Communion] - 10:00 P.M
1st January - New year Service - 9:30 A.M

Flag Hoisting Festival on every 26th Jan and 15th Aug, followed by Sports meet organized by Youth Fellowship.


APRIL 25, 26 of Every Year at Church Premises

Presbyter's Served during contiguous past years

- Rev. V. Samuel, B.A, B.D., Presbyter-In-Charge (PRESENT)

- Rev. G. Prem Kumar, B.D., Presbyter-In-Charge
- Rev. S. Adrews Prem Sukumar, B.D.,Presbyter-In-Charge
- Rev. G. Prem Kumar, B.D., Presbyter-In-Charge
- Rev. A. Benett Raj, B.D., Presbyter-In-Charge
- Rev. Suryaprakash, B.Th., Presbyter-In-Charge
- Rev. B. Winston, B.D.,Presbyter-In-Charge
- Rev. M. Wilson, B.D., Presbyter-In-Charge
- Rev. S. Varadas, B.D., Presbyter-In-Charge
- Rev. S. Devi Prabudas, Presbyter-In-Charge
- Rev. M. Anandam, M.Th, Presbyter-In-Charge
- and ....